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Ally Softwares is a leading provider of IT consulting and Software services globally. Combining unparalleled experience, domain expertise, best practices and comprehensive capabilities across various industries and business functions, Ally Softwares collaborates with customers to help them effectively address their operational challenges and grow their businesses stronger.
With a broad set of capabilities and a proven Global Delivery Model, Ally Softwares is poised to be the perfect partner of global firms in their outsourcing initiatives.
We bring together a unique combination of breadth of capabilities, strong management focus and flexibility in engagement required to make our customer relationships a success. Ally Software's services range from IT Consulting to Product Engineering Services, Application Development and Application Management. Our partnerships with global leaders enable us to work on the latest technologies that we leverage to ensure enhanced business efficiencies for our customers.
Our Mission is to Provide Information Technology solutions globally, enhancing competitive advantage of customers, founded on contemporary technologies, and practices, innovation, empowered people and enduring relationships.


Ally Softwares


In today’s fast-moving IT markets, constant innovation in software products and improvement in services has become imperative for software product companies. To accelerate the time-to-market while maintaining the highest standards of quality is another requisite to stay ahead of competition.With a distinct engineering process spanning the entire product development lifecycle, business-centric approach and a Global Delivery Model, Ally Softwares provides iinnovative solutions to product companies.
The key differentiator of Ally Software’s offering is its acuity to enhance its product development expertise with rich learnings gained from working with enterprises. We are driven by innovation at every step. This enables us to deliver assured, best-in-class IT solutions and services to our customers.We offer reliable and better quality services for customers by developing, maintaining and implementing methodologies, best practices and tools. Ally Softwares aspires to grow a set of re-usable components, frameworks, practices and knowledge-base to proactively reduce the delivery time of our solutions.

Analytics & Information Management

Ally Software's Analytics and Information Management services help customers accelerate enterprise wide performance through smart, agile and integrated analytical solutions and frameworks.
By bringing together the combined expertise of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Information Management, we help customers derive valuable insights,
make informed decisions and drive revenues by harnessing and leveraging enterprise information.

Enterprise Applications

Business Process transformation solutions across the value chain in the areas of: ERP, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management across leading packages
including SAP and Oracle. We help global organizations implement & run Industry specific best practice processes maximizing and extending business value with reduced
TCO and enhanced productivity.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Enhance performance of information security and compliance programs to adapt with agility to constantly evolving and new business & IT risks.

Business Solutions for Industry Leadership

The enterprise application and technology landscape has to constantly evolve to ensure that the business will continue to innovate for sustained success in the foreseeable future.
Business Application Services enables customers create successful and adaptive businesses through a robust business architecture, process transformation and innovation.

Business Collaboration and Customer Experience

B2C, B2B, B2E collaboration and commerce solutions driving business growth and workforce effectiveness for organizations. Our customer experience solutions enable
organizations create a consistent multi-channel brand experience and drive customer engagement & loyalty.

Web Application Services

A ubiquitous reach and 24x7 availability of the Web have made it the de-facto medium for companies to transact business and collaborate
with their customers, employees and partners across the globe. Owing to its benefits, enterprises have embraced Web Development and are building
powerful applications that cost-effectively and securely expose, enhance, leverage and extend business processes.
Our expertise spans the most common technology platforms such as JEE, .NET, Open Source (Php), etc., for building scalable, feature-rich Web applications.

Ally Softwares

Balanced Score Card

This software is developed for the organizations to analyze the performance of the employees and departments to estimate the future growth.

E Governance

The aim of E Governance is the centralize all government based services and make them available online to the user.

Finance System

This software is used for the financial related tasks such as give loan, calculate emi, check loan status, etc.

Stock Management

This is used to manage the overall stock managements tasks between companies different branches using internet.

Defense Cable

It's a cable management system for a cable manufacturing company. It include strong security features and dynamic report generation.

College Management

This is a softwares which is dedicated to a particular educational institution, performs all the tasks which is done in a college.

Ally Softwares

We are driven by innovation at every step. This enables us to deliver assured, best-in-class IT solutions and services to our customers. In our Centres of Excellence (CoEs), we build competencies on various cutting-edge technologies thereby keeping abreast with the ever-changing market trends and demands. We focus on structuring frameworks and accelerators that enhance your business efficiencies. Our domain expertise across verticals and our strategic alliances with leading majors act as catalyst to innovative business solutions at Ally Softwares.


JEE has become a preferred platform for building and implementing Enterprise Applications. The JEE platform has evolved through a strong community process supported by Sun Microsystems that has helped it to become an open standard and a feature - rich platform. This also means that there is a constant need of proactively monitoring JEE platform on a regular basis to consider latest trends while providing IT solutions to your end customers.

Center of Excellence (CoE) is focused on implementing solution by selecting most optimal JEE technologies, architectures, and frameworks to provide optimum solutions and services to our clients. The CoE also focuses on sharing best practices, standards, reference Architecture and creating re-usable components that can be leveraged across different client engagements.
Key value-adds of Ally Software's Java CoE :
Adoption of new technology and transferring it to the delivery groups .
Providing technology best practices, standards across the organization .
Providing Reference Architecture for various open sources framework to make it’s adoption seamless and de-risk during implementation .Developing re-usable assets, accelerators and POCs to enhance productivity .
The CoE has been established with the objective of partnering with customers to realize business benefits through effective adoption of Java Enterprise Technology.

Open Source

Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Ut et scelerisque ante. Donec erat purus, faucibus vitae congue vel, porttitor nec lectus. Aenean a nibh eget turpis vehicula tempus ac sed massa. Vestibulum dolor nulla, ultrices ac tincidunt sed, laoreet non est. Suspendisse lobortis turpis in odio blandit ac interdum lorem euismod. Etiam risus massa, vulputate eu pellentesque et, consectetur a neque. Open Source tools are poised to become a reckoning force in many business sectors, along with traditional software development and delivery models in enterprises. A Gartner report states that the global market for Open Source software solutions is expected to grow from $3.3 billion in 2005 to $6.4 billion in 2010.
Ally Softwares has set up an Open Source Center of Excellence (CoE), Ally Software’s Open Source CoE has been constantly evaluating and integrating various Open Source tools to deliver low cost solutions to its customers, with a faster time-to-market.

Open Source Expertise
Operating Systems : Linux
Relational Databases : MySql
Development Environment : Eclipse, NetBeans
Web Application Frameworks : Spring, Struts
Scripting Languages : Perl, Php
Solution Stack : Linux, Apache, MySql & PHP

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is based on a simple model. It allows the delivery of an application via a subscription model over the Internet. In the SaaS model, the customer does not take ownership of the software but rather ‘subscribes’ to a comprehensive solution that is delivered remotely over the Internet. No infrastructure investments, no maintenance costs.

Key criteria that define a robust SaaS application
Scalability : The application architecture should be able to scale up to the rising business demands by simply adding or removing servers, without the need to alter the application software architecture.
Configurability : The application should be configurable, to ensure ease of maintenance .
Security : The application should have adequate provision for data security, authentication, and authorization for each customer Multi-tenancy : A single instance of the application should be able to support multiple tenants concurrently.

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